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Commitment FAQs

How much does the center pay for tuition and books?

For all credential scholarships, centers are required to pay 5%.  At the AA and BA level centers to choose to pay 5% or 20%.

Does the center need to participate in Release Time?

Centers agree to provide paid release time to the recipients (BA/BS & AA eligible participants).  To be reimbursed, center directors are responsible for completing and returning the Release Time Reimbursement Claim Form C by the due date.

Is the center responsible for providing a salary raise or bonus?

For recipients on the credential scholarship the center is not responsible for providing a salary, raise, or bonus. For recipients on an AA or BA scholarship the center can choose to pay a raise or bonus; or the center may pay a larger amount for tuition and books. T.E.A.C.H. pays the center’s portion of the bonus.

When should I notify CCCCD of any changes in employment status?

Notify the CCCCD within 10 days of any changes of recipient’s employment status.

What is the recipient’s academic commitment?

The student needs to enroll, complete and successfully pass his/her course(s).

What should I do if my classes change?

Communicate with the CCCCD about class enrollment at the beginning and end of the semester or if class schedule changes.

Am I required to send grades to T.E.A.C.H.?

Yes, you must submit a copy of your unofficial transcript to T.E.A.C.H. each semester once you complete your class(es).

How much does the student pay for tuition and books?

Students agree to reimburse the CCCCD 5% or 10% of the cost of tuition and book(s).

How long do students need to stay employed?

T.E.A.C.H. encourages all recipients to continue to be employed at their center.  Students need to remain employed at their sponsoring center during their contract dates. Credential Recipients need to continue employment in the field of child care for an additional year past the end of the contract date while associate/bachelor degree recipients need to continue employment at your sponsoring center for a year past the end of your contract date.  This is called a commitment year.


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