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The Center for Child Care Career Development (CCCCD) has been designated by the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) to maintain a training registry for all DSS child care training hours. Child care providers working in regulated programs must have documented contact hours to meet licensing regulations.

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The Center for Child Care Career Development is a part of the South Carolina DSS Division of Early Care and Education.

Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Lightbulb – A Blog to Help Trainers Spark New Ideas

Women at workshopWelcome to The Lightbulb – where great training ideas get sparked! The Lightbulb is a blog for trainers who offer DSS training hours under the CCCCD system. We’re glad you’ve found our blog and hope you’ll come back to visit often.


Why a blog?

So what’s this blog about and what can it do for you? The Training Coordinators are always looking for ways to improve training for child care providers in our state. A big part of that is supporting our trainers. We want to invest more in you!

This blog offers a more consistent way for us to communicate with you. The blog will take the place of the Trainer Newsletter and because a blog is online, you’ll be able to access past and current articles and announcements from us on your computer or mobile device at all times.

To support you, the Lightbulb blog will . . .

  • Provide you with awesome articles about training and training design including ideas for icebreakers, engaging activities, solid closings and more!
  • Connect you to high caliber training resources on the internet through links to fabulous websites and articles.
  • Help you grow as a trainer through an informal setting.
  • Keep you aware about the latest updates from CCCCD
  • Introduce you to talented child care trainers across the state – you’ll get to learn from the best!

Why is it called the Lightbulb?

We decided that the blog needed a name to represent all of its different facets. The four Training Coordinators sat around a table and brainstormed. We wanted the name to be short, memorable and catchy!

We discussed the book, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse and the idea of the Lightbulb Lab that is in Mr. Slinger’s room. We want to inspire you to try new things, experiment with new materials and come up with innovative solutions for your trainings! Because you focus on early education, we thought it was perfect to name the blog after this creative space in a children’s book. So when you visit this blog, imagine it’s like The Lightbulb Lab – Where Great Ideas are Born! We hope this blog inspires you to grow as a trainer and sparks lots of innovation! If by chance, you haven’t read Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes, look for it the next time you’re in a library or book store!

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts. You won’t have to come looking though. When new information is posted, we’ll notify you in your e-mail box so you won’t miss a thing.