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Organization Tips for Storing Training Rosters on Your Computer


Organization Tips Blog ImageHave you ever wanted to do a training and couldn’t locate the correct training roster? This article will provide tips for keeping your training rosters organized on your computer or cloud/drive so you can always find them quickly.

I’m Kelly Pfeiffer, one of the Training Coordinators at the Center for Child Care Career Development and I’m here to help. I’m going to share how I save my electronic rosters on my computer so that I can find them in a matter of seconds.

Before I became a Training Coordinator at CCCCD, I trained child care providers for more than 10 years. When I developed a training, I would often teach the same training over and over again to different groups over a span of two to four years. When someone called me to ask for a training, I needed to be able to find the correct roster on my computer and print out a copy to take with me to each training. Over time, I developed a simple system for storing my CCCCD rosters so that I could locate them quickly, print them out and have copies ready for each training event.

folder-162146Create Folders on Your Computer/Cloud/Drive for Storing Rosters

For my system, I created specific folders on my computer and saved my rosters in those folders. You can use my system or create one that works best for you. If you don’t know how to create folders, then watch the helpful video that I include at the end of this article.

Here’s how I organized my files so that I can easily find the correct roster when I need it. I created one file called “Child Care Trainings.” Then in this file called “Child Care Trainings”, I have sub folders. I created one folder for each topic area.Organization Photo 1

To view the content within a folder, double click on the folder name.

file folders photo 1 with red circle

After I double click on the folder, I can see the folders for each of my trainings. I have three Growth and Development Trainings called A Child’s Palm Pilot, Gross Motor Milestones and Social-Emotional Development.

Organization Photo 2
I store my documents for each training in each corresponding folder. So I can double click on “A Child’s Palm Pilot” and see my files that I need for that training – the handouts, the roster and the training outline. I can click on each document and print it out to take with me. This is also helpful if I need to email these documents to anyone else. If I am training for an agency and they are printing the handouts for the training, I can create an email, click attachment and then easily find the handouts file in this folder system to attach the correct document.

Organization Photo 3

How to Save a New Roster on Your Computer

office-work-1149087_1920After you submit your training outline to CCCCD, you’ll know the training is approved when you receive an email with the roster attached. In your email, click on the roster to “open” it. Next click on the word “file”, then click on “save as.” On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a list of file folders. Choose the appropriate file folder that you want to save the roster and click “save.”

Have Questions?

What if I don’t understand about folder systems on computers? To get an introduction to how folder systems work on computers, watch this video.

How do I create a new folder? For more information on how to create folders, watch this short and helpful video.

How do I move and rename folders? For a tutorial on how to move folders and edit the names of the folders, watch this video tutorial.

Share Your Tips

If you have a great way to organize your training rosters or supplies, please e-mail us about it. We’d like to interview you and share your organization tips.