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The Center for Child Care Career Development (CCCCD) has been designated by the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) to maintain a training registry for all DSS child care training hours. Child care providers working in regulated programs must have documented contact hours to meet licensing regulations.

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The Center for Child Care Career Development is a part of the South Carolina DSS Division of Early Care and Education.

Train the Trainer Highlights – Spring 2015

Trainers, if you didn’t get to attend CCCCD’s spring Train the Trainer events, you missed a real treat! Here’s a recap of the March, April and May events.

Innovative Training Techniques by Rich Meiss

Rich Meiss wowed with two full days of creative ideas to use openers, closers, interactive hand-outs, a Training Design Funnel and other ways to engage participants. New and novice trainers walked away with lots of new tools to use in designing and delivering effective training.

Watch a short video of Rich Meiss as he explains the “ACT” of closing a training. At the end of this video, Rich states to enjoy these closers. Here are links to two closers that Rich refers to: Closer Window and Piece of Pie. RICH_2_PicMonkey Collage

Practice Makes Permanent! by Sharon Bowman

Sharon Bowman’s seminar focused on “Concrete Practice Strategies to Make Content Stick.” One of the main ways the brain remembers new knowledge is to practice using it. This concept is called concrete practicewhen learners actively practice applying knowledge during a training.

To actively learn and remember what concrete practice is and is not, participants visited three different engaging table stations. Later they critiqued training activities through a “Grab and Gab” activity and created a graphic organizer – a “Wheel of Choice” on which they recorded concrete practice activities to use when they plan trainings in the future.SHARON_2_PicMonkey Collage

Planning Physical Activity by Rae Pica

Rae Pica traveled from Alexandria, VA and took a break from her busy life producing BAM Radio to spend the day with trainers. Rae presented helpful facts and information about the benefits to both a child’s body and brain when children are engaged in movement.  Trainers left equipped with knowledge and examples to use in future trainings about developmentally appropriate physical activity for children.

To learn more about Rae Pica’s teachings, read one or more of her articles from Young Children Magazine: Linking Literacy and Movement, Babies on the Move, or Why Motor Skills Matter.RAE_PicMonkey Collage

If you are registered for any Train the Trainer seminars in July, 2015, we look forward to seeing you there. The July seminars are completely full.

If you are interested in attending future Train the Trainer seminars offered by CCCCD, look for announcements in your e-mail box near the end of 2015.