The Lightbulb for Early Care And Education Trainers

The Center for Child Care Career Development (CCCCD) has been designated by the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) to maintain a training registry for all DSS child care training hours. Child care providers working in regulated programs must have documented contact hours to meet licensing regulations.

SC Child Care Early Care and Education

The Center for Child Care Career Development is a part of the South Carolina DSS Division of Early Care and Education.

Update for Trainers: A Transition to Student Numbers on Rosters

Blog Header_Transition to Student NumbersThe Center for Child Care Career Development is transitioning from using social security numbers to student numbers to document training. Now, people who attend child care training for DSS credit can sign a roster and receive DSS credit using their six digit Student Number instead of a full or partial social security number.

If you visit the CCCCD website, you’ll notice the image below that prompts child care providers to find and begin using a student number for documenting training hours to a transcript.Screenshot from home page_Student number

Why the Change to Using Student Numbers?

Identity theft is a serious concern and CCCCD strives to protect the security of all training participants. This change is being made to safeguard sensitive information (the social security number) of the individuals who sign DSS rosters.

Encourage Use of the Student Number

Trainers, near the end of your training session, when you ask participants to sign the roster, encourage them to write their Student Number on the roster instead of using a social security number or partial social security number.

Participants may still use a social security number during this transition period, so assure participants that they will get credit for the class by using either a full or partial social security number. At some point in the future, you will notice that new rosters issued to you will ask participants to write either a social security number or a student number.

Where Can an Individual Find a Student Number?

The Student Number is located at the top right hand corner of each transcript. If a Child Care Provider wants to find his or her student number, he or she must visit the CCCCD website, click on DSS transcripts and sign in. After signing in, the next step is to click on the word “transcript.” On each transcript, the six digit Student Number is highlighted in bright yellow to make it easy to spot. Student Number on Transcript

What If an Individual Doesn’t Have a Student Number?

If an individual does not have a student number, he or she can sign a DSS roster using a full social security number. When the roster is processed, the individual’s transcript will be created along with a Student Number.

If You Get Questions from Participants . . .

You may inform individuals that they will be receiving communication about this change from CCCCD in the near future. If individuals have additional questions, tell them they can call CCCCD at our toll-free number, 866-845-1555 (inside South Carolina) or our direct number, 864-250-8581.