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Conference Coordinator FAQs

I am planning a conference in the Fall. What do I need to do to get started to document DSS credit hours for participants?

Conference coordinators should download the Steps to Follow for SC DSS Child Care Conference Registration to follow instructions on registering conferences for DSS credit.

Our agency is planning a conference this Spring. How soon in advance do I need to register the conference with CCCCD?

The Center for Child Care Career Development requests 30 days in advance to register the training conference. This will allow enough time for classes to be entered into the registry system and time for the coordinator to download and organize the labels for each documented class.

Our conference targeted over 50 people to meet the conference criteria; however, only 40 people are registered. Do I need to cancel the conference and register each session with CCCCD?

As long as you targeted at least 50 people to attend the event and met the criteria for general session and breakout sessions, CCCCD can still document your training as a conference.

Child care providers have asked if they must write their Social Security Number on the Conference Attendance forms to receive credit. What should I tell them?

Child care providers must write their SSN on the conference attendance form to receive credit. First-time students must fill in the social security number completely. All other students can put the first three digits of the social security number, then 3 X’s and the last 3 digits of their number. (Example: 123-XX-X789). Participants can also download a Conference Attendance form from our website at When they login to view their transcript there will be a conference button to push. Choose the conference you plan to attend and print your form. This form will contain all of your personal information within a bar code.

Can participants mail the conference attendance form directly to CCCCD when the conference is over?

No, participants must turn in the conference attendance form at the conference to verify attendance and receive DSS credit. Individual forms mailed to CCCCD will not be accepted.

Our conference registration is complete, however, two days before the conference is scheduled to start, a presenter cancelled and we would like to add another training session. Is it possible to get this additional class registered for DSS credit?

CCCCD staff will work to add or change sessions up to the day of your conference. As long as CCCCD staff is able to add this session to your conference and a barcode label is available for download, the class will be documented. However, classes cannot be added without prior approval and cannot be added or changed on the day of the conference. Any changes or additions that were not registered prior to the conference will not be documented.


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